Helping you celebrate life!
Helping you celebrate life!

Party staff allows you to relax & engage with your guests.

Enjoy your party!  Stay out of the kitchen!  


Our exceptional staff will serve your guests, mix them drinks, and leave your kitchen spotless.
Each and every one is well trained, experienced, and professional.  They make you and your guests feel pampered and special.  Enjoying your party – Priceless!


You will believe angels are in your kitchen helping to set-up, heat-up, and serve food.  During the party, servers replenish the trays and buffets, pick up plates and glasses, and make sure that each guest is attended to.  At the end of the event, they package left-overs and tidy up.


Bar service can be catered with everything delivered, or you can provide the liquor, mixes, and glassware.  Either way, our friendly bartenders set up the entire bar, mix cocktails with flair, and walk around to replenish drinks for guests. At the end of the event, everything will be sealed, cleaned, and left orderly.


PartyScapes works with you to determine the number of staff, to customize bar & catering menu & supplies, and even to choose the type of uniforms or costumes to match your vision. 


Need Catering?  Our chefs will create an artful and delectable menu to complement your budget and party theme.


Let PartyScapes provide exceptional party service so that you can have fun too!

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